The University of Vermont Wildlife and Fisheries Society provides a chance for students to pursue interests in wildlife with extracurricular opportunities for hands-on experience in wildlife management, educational outreach, field trips, recreation, and exposure to professionals in the field.

What do we do?

  • UVM WFS and Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department Lecture Series
  • Montreal Biodome – meet with resident marine biologist, Nathalie R. Le François, Ph.D., for a look into her research as well as a behind the scenes tour!
  • Radio Telemetry and Wildlife Photography Workshop
  • Annual Bioblitz
  • Spiny Softshell Turtle Beach Cleanup
  • White-tailed Deer Check Stations during Youth Weekend and the opening weekend of Rifle
  • Owling and long-term bird monitoring project
  • Hunter Safety Course
  • Guest lectures/Q&A’s from renowned Wildlife Biologists from around the world (Joel Berger, Claudio Sillero, Forrest Hammond)
  • Internship/job and applying to grad school fair with faculty panel
  • Wildlife documentary viewings
  • Annual tree planting at Missisquoi Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Contact Us!

Email us at wildlife@uvm.edu!


President: Caitlin Drasher

Vice President: Matthew Gorton

Treasurer: Joe Taft

Secretary: Lauren Spendley

Event Coordinator: Jessica Colby

Faculty Adviser:

Associate Professor of Wildlife Biology, Jed Murdoch


3 responses to “About

  1. Do you have an email list serve?

  2. Rachel is an admitted student for this coming fall in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. When we visited UVM’s admitted student days and had a visit with the Dean of the Rubenstein Sch. of the Envir. she did not instill confidence in the program when we asked if the program met the requirements for certification through the Wildlife Society. She said she had never heard of any certification. My question is, does the program meet the requirements and is there an advisor who is familiar with the certification who will be able to guide the students to help them make sure they meet the requirements. Rachel has not fully decided to accept admission to UVM. I think this is one question that is holding her back on making that final decision along with the fact that we have not yet recieved a financial package info. Any info you can send her would be helpful inmaking this decision.Thank you, Nancy North

  3. laken couture

    My name is Laken and i am really interested in the Wildlife program that you offer. how can i find more information on the program and applying?
    Thanks for your time,
    Laken Couture

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