Important Upcoming Deer Check Meetings

If you are planning on participating in Youth and/or Rifle Weekends, you MUST attend BOTH of our upcoming meetings on Wednesday, October 15 and Wednesday, November 5.  Both meetings will be held at 7pm in Aiken 102.  At the second meeting, we will be meeting with Adam Murkowski (VT deer biologist) and Jenna Paige (Department of Health) to go over expectations, procedures, and collect paperwork.

Please sign up only if you can make a firm commitment.

Stickers are in!!

Our brand-spanking-new UVM WFS stickers are in!  See an officer or wait until our next meeting on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 1st to purchase one for $1!

Super cool sticker design by Jessica Mailhot

Super cool sticker design by Jessica Mailhot

2013 BioBlitz at Shelburne Pond

The BioBlitz at Shelburne Pond was a huge success! When we are done compiling the data I will post it here! In the meantime here are just a few pictures of the flora and fauna that we counted!


red back salamander


Northern Pike


Leopard Frog


Garter Snake


Wood Frog


Green Frog


Unidentified Arachnid


Northern Water Snake


Red and blue Millipede


Camera Trap


Yellow Perch


Chain Pickerel




Don’t forget to stop by Aiken 103 tonight at 7:00pm for our second meeting of the semester! We’ll be discussing this weekends BioBlitz, Deer check stations, a potential deer trapping/collaring project that we have in the works, along with several other upcoming events! See you there!

Past Bioblitz Camera Trap Photos!!!

Check out some of the photos of critters our camera traps caught in Centennial Woods during our bioblitz!!

Past wood duck box maintenance and surveying pictures

Check out some pictures from the WFS latest activity. Pictures courtesy of Alyssa Kircher.

Past interview with our recent visitor, Claudio Sillero: BBC Radio – Maned Wolf

Dr. Claudio Sillero-Zubiri of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University and James Marsh Professor-at-Large here at UVM was recently interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s Saving Species program about maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus). The episode focuses on maned wolves that frequent a monastery in Brazil where monks regularly feed them from a veranda.

If you are interested in listening, follow this link then click the ‘Listen Now’ link. The story starts at minute 18:34 and the interview begins at 22:16.